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Traditional open condensing unit with built-in water-condenser

Fitted with:

  • Galvanized-steel self-supporting  basement

  • Epoxy coating for basement*

  • Hermetic, semi-hermetic, scroll compressor

  • Cryogiam standard water condenser

  • Liquid receiver with rotalock valve

  • Safety valve on the liquid receiver*

  • Nitrogen-pressurized condensing unit

Available optional:

  • High/low pressure double pressure switch with automatic reset*

  • Compressor inverter**

  • Kit compressor step-control (available for compressor with minimum 4-cylinder compressors)

  • Kit condenser fans control

  • Check valve

  • Liquid separator**

  • Suction line

  • Discharge muffler

  • Liquid Line

  • Built in electrical board**

  • Crankcase heater

  • Fans speed control

  • Condenser fans inverter**

  • Oil separator**

  • Reversing cycle kit

  • Hot gas defrost kit

  • Compressor unloaded start kit

  • Forced-air compressor head cooling kit

  • Mounting brackets kit

*Not available for units fitted with Embraco compressor.

**The installation of this optional may change the final dimension of the product.