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Open multi-compressor pack system

Fitted with:


Frame made up of zinc-coated steel with epoxy coating;                           

Compressors rack:                                        

Compressors rack with suction and discharge manifold;

Each compressor is fitted with:                                               

  • Suction and discharge valve*;                                         
  • Vibration eliminator on suction and discharge*;                     
  • Rubber silent-blocks fastened between the frame and the compressor;                                  
  • Check valve;                                
  • Discharge muffler * (for low noise version);                            

Oil System:

Standard oil system for pack systems with hermetic, scroll and two-cylinder semi-hermetic compressors:

Oil management through separator and equalizer thanks to the manifold on the compressor alarms;


Standard oil system for pack systems with four/six/eight-cylinder semi-hermetic compressors:

Oil management through separator and equalizer thanks to level mechanical regulators on the compressors alarms;


Oil equalization manifold:                                          

One or more oil sight glass are placed on the manifold in accordance with the number of compressors;

Liquid receiver:                                              

One or more liquid receivers are mounted in rack with their safety valves;

Liquid line:                                        

Drier filter with solid or changeable cartridge, with liquid sight glass and shut-off valve;

Suction line:                                     

One or more changeable cartridge filters and shut-off valves*;                                             


  • High/Low adjustable general double pressure switch with automatic reset;
  • Oil pressure switch on each compressor (if fitted with oil pump) ;
  • Adjustable low pressure switch (for emergency compressors working) with automatic reset;
  • High pressure switch for condenser fans control;
  • Low pressure probe on the suction manifold for capacity control;
  • Low pressure gauge*;                                        
  • High pressure gauge*;                                       

Cryogiam standard electrical board:

Wired and tested according to standard parameters by our skilled staff;

  • Case with minimum protection degree IP44;
  • Service switch with door-lock;
  • Insulation transformer for auxiliary circuits 230/230 V and/or 230/12 V;
  • Motor-protector circuit breaker with adjustable electronic protector in case of compressor overload;
  • Crankcase heater line with circuit breaker (where expected);
  • Circuit breakers on condenser fans supply (where expected);
  • Net, compressors condition and alarms;
  • Contactor standard version Dixell, Eliwell or Carell (on demand);
  • Panel cooling fan (where expected);

General information on standard equipment:                                 

  • Compressor room cooling fan (for version with case);
  • Multi-compressor pack system supplied under nitrogen pressure;

Available optional:

  • Inverter on the compressor**
  • Kit compressor step control (available for compressor with at leat  four cylinders)
  • Kit condenser fans control
  • Check valve
  • Liquid separator**
  • Fan speed control
  • Condenser fans inverter**
  • Reversing cycle kit
  • Hot gas defrost kit
  • Compressor unloaded start kit
  • Forced-air compressor head cooling kit


*Available for multi-compressor pack system fitted with semi-hermetic compressors;

** The installation of this accessory may change the final dimension of the product;

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