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Cryogiam launched the new CO2 transcritical product range

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Tuesday, February 12, 2019 - 15:52
The Cryogiam Co2 Transcritical condensing units and double compressor systems range are engineered to operate up to 40°C ambient temperature. The main features are: - reduced footprint & overall dimension; - easy installation - components accessibility - high weather resistance All versions include an intermediate pressure circuit between liquid receiver and compressor suction. This circuit is able to reduce pressure to the liquid receiver and keep it under the maximum admissible value, even during stand still operations, avoiding the need of an auxiliary cooling system. The high efficiency of our products is allowed by an advanced electronic control. A management algorithm for gas cooler pressure according to the maximum COP criteria, together with the over modulation of the inverter over the nominal frequency of the compressor allows reaching high performances, and it warrantees the regulation of refrigeration capacity of the unit.