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Cryogiam S.r.l. is an Italian OEM that manufactures condensing units and multi-compressors systems for industrial and commercial refrigeration.


The union of experience and research gave birth to the Cryogiam project. Throughout the time Cryogiam has grown thanks to the constant dialogue with distributors and their co-operation with our research & development department who has designed our products. Nowadays the products range has increased in order to satisfy all our customers’ requests and it includes condensing units, multi-compressor rack systems, split systems, water cooled units and many other products are to be included. The main point and strength of Cryogiam has always been to offer the best quality with the shortest delivery times and the possibility to offer customized products. Therefore Cryogiam installs only the best branded components on its products which assure the best results. 


Cryogiam is located in Caltanissetta in a 6000 m² area where there are sales and administration offices and the whole production of refrigeration systems.
The factory is organized into different production lines: the condensing units and split systems line and the multi-compressor rack production line.
A strict quality control system verifies the production process and Cryogiam highly skilled and trained staff. All products are tested during the different phases of manufacture and they comply with the European safety norms. To assure the best performances systems are assembled with the best quality components in the market.

The production process

The accurate assembly production process is performed with attention to details from the very first stage. During this initial stages of creation of refrigeration systems each product is designed in order to reach the perfect harmony with the surrounding elements and to respond positively to the customers’ requests. All units are shaping are based on their projects which are often customized. The galvanized steel sheet is punched and then molded in the puncher and in the bender, subsequently it is coated with epoxy powder for the maximum weather resistance. Finally, our technicians, welders and electricians assemble the several components, completing the production process of systems. The machines, after passing several tests are packed and are ready to be delivered.

Foreign and domestic market

The company's location in the center of the Mediterranean Sea and its proximity to several ports, enables a very intense development of the national and international market. The dense transport network has allowed to thicken the sales network which has spread all over Italy and has being developing across Europe and the world. Industriousness and the dynamism of our office provides clients from the world several of products and information indispensable utility and the highest quality. The recent expansion of the Italian and foreign market Cryogiam is due to the dynamism of the operators, the organization and logistics company impressively rapid delivery.